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October 2011    

STACK structure aids students with autism

Like many students within the Structured Teaching for Autistic & Communication-delayed Kids (STACK) classroom, Beau is diagnosed with autism and has trouble with socialization, motor skills and adapting to unstructured environments.

“We’re just trying to create an environment that’s best for students in the autism spectrum to learn,” ESC Special Education Coordinator Brooke Wright said. “It reduces distractions, anxiety. It makes the classroom make sense to them. We’re creating a system – access to education – that allows them to learn.”

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Super Note

The ESC is Me, the ESC is You
I’m sure you have been asked the question “What is the ESC?” and maybe you weren’t quite sure how to answer.

Our suggested answer to that question is, “The ESC is Me.”

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School districts implement data-driven planning, improvement

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Board Bits: September

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