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Viola player Israelle hones her playing ability despite her hearing loss.

Student's life filled with music despite hearing loss

High school freshman Israelle practices the viola up to three hours a day, but she only hears a fraction of the music. She was born with a 73 percent hearing loss in one ear and 50 percent in the other, though hearing aids have allowed her to recover some of that.

"Most kids with hearing loss don’t want to gravitate toward something that is a physical weakness for them. She's somehow overcome that," ESC Teacher Lisette Tedeschi said.

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Superintendent's Note  
Superintendent's Note
ESC leading performance pay pilot
The ESC and its partners received a grant from ODE to pilot an educator performance-based pay system.
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ESC orientation and mobility specialists help Drew, a partially blind student, navigate his school.  
Blind student gets bearings through ESC
As one of 16 students in the ESC’s Orientation and Mobility program, Drew spent the last few years honing his skills when crossing the road or moving from classroom to classroom.
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Ohio Reading Corps out to boost literacy
A new grant-funded program from the ESC and its partners has placed about 50 volunteers in Ohio schools working to boost the literacy skills of struggling elementary students.
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