Get to Know
Carly Glick

Job title and what you do in 25 words or less:
As communications consultant for the ESC, I'm responsible for setting the strategic vision for internal and external communications. Supporting member districts is my main priority, and I will be working to establish protocols for how to best provide communications services districts want and need, including writing and editing, video production, etc.

Carly Glick

Carly Glick

Born and raised in Reynoldsburg. I now live in Dublin.

Favorite food or dining spot:
Ethiopian food

Favorite hobby:
I enjoy seeing live music, reading and traveling.

Favorite movie(s):
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Favorite vacation spot:
Tahiti is the most exotic place I have visited, but I aspire to visit South Africa someday.

Name one dream you have that is yet to be fulfilled:
I would love to move to Los Angeles someday.

If you could spend time with one person living or dead, it'd be:
I would love to be able to see my maternal grandmother again and have a conversation with her now that I'm an adult.